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Quartz Crystal


Crystal Clock Oscillator



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Discrete Crystal Filter


Ultra Thin Micro Speakers (under 5mm thick), both plastic and metal framed, for various applications

Site Map

Hy-Q Australia Home Page
          - Welcome
          - About Hy-Q International
          - Payment Options
          - How To Contact Us
          - Privacy Statement

     Frequency Control Products

Quartz Crystals
          - Quartz Crystal Overview
          - Quartz Crystal Theory
          - Three Column Code (3CC) Easy Ordering Guide
          - Crystal Data Sheets

Crystal Oscillators
         - Introduction to Hy-Q Oscillators
         - Standard
               ~ Voltage Controlled (VCXO)
               ~ Temperature Compensated (TCXO)
               ~ Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated (VCTCXO)
               ~ Oven Controlled (OCXO)
               ~ Simple Packaged (SPXO)
               ~ Programmable (EXO-3 Series)
               ~ Clock / DIL (low frequency)
               ~ Surface Mount
          - Custom
               ~ Package Details
               ~ Package Drawings
               ~ Ordering Information
               ~ Environmental Data
               ~ Phase Noise
               ~ Glossary of Terms (oscillators)
               ~ Dealing with dBm
               ~ Manufacturing
          - High Frequency Oscillators

Crystal Filters
          - Filter Overview
          - Data Sheets

          - Package Styles
          - Ordering Information
          - Filter Contact Form
Ceramic DevicesCeramic Devices
          - Resonators
          - Filters
          - Discriminators

     Electronic Components

Micro Audio Components
         - Micro-speakers
         - Electret Condenser Microphones
         - Electromagnetic Buzzers & Sirens
         - Portable Hands Free Kits For Cellular Phones

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