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Discrete Crystal Filter

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Crystal Filter Request for Quotation / Information Form

Please use this form to request a quotation or filter product information, or you may contact us by other means. You do not need to fill in all fields, but the more information we have, the easier it is for us assist you.

What is your purpose of this form?


Please provide the following contact information:

      First Name 
       Last Name 
  Street address 
  Address (cont) 
     Postal code 
    Work Phone # 
           Fax # 
         Web URL 

Filter product information:

Filter Application:        Other:
Reference Frequency (fo): kHz
Pass Bandwidth:           dB @ ▒kHz
                   Ripple dB Max.
           Insertion Loss dB Max.
Stop Bandwidth(s):        dB @ ▒kHz
                          dB @ ▒kHz
Guaranteed Attenuation:   dB @ ▒kHz
Source Impedance:         ohm //pF
Load Impedance:           ohm //pF
Operating Temp.Range:     ░C to ░C
Package Style OR Size(mm): OR L x W x H

Please enter any other information or questions here;

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