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High Frequency Crystal Oscillator
High Frequency


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High Frequency Oscillator Package Options

Specification Performance Package
Nominal Frequency 30 MHz to 500 MHz
30 MHz to 100 MHz
30 MHz to 160 MHz
B1,B2, D1, D2
B, D
Supply Voltage +5.0 to +15.0 volts B, B1, B2, D, D1, D2, E
Supply Current 20 to 50mA (frequency dependant) B, B1, B2, D, D1, D2, E
Logic Output
     Logic Levels
     Fan Out
     Mark Space Ratio
     Fall & Rise Ratio
Low <+0.4V   High >+4.5V
30pF or 5 LSTTL Gates
55:45 at 45:55 at:  +2.5V HCMOS   +1.4V TTL
1ns to 5ns (frequency dependant)

B, B1, B2, D, D1, D2, E
Sinewave Output
     Output Level
     Load Impedance

A.C. coupled sinewave
0dBm minimum
See 'Additional Notes' below

B, B1, B2, D, D1, D2
Adjustment Method
     External Potentiometer
     Internal Trimmer
     External Voltage
5.0ppm min. via an external 10kW potentiometer.
5.0ppm min. via an internal trimmer capacitor.
100ppm min. via a control voltage of +0.5 to +4.5V

B, D
B1, D1
B2, D2, E
     With Time
     With Voltage
     With Load
     With Temperature

1.0ppm per year maximum at +25C
2.0ppm per year maximum at +25C
0.3ppm for a 5% change in supply voltage
3.0ppm for a 10% change in load impedance
0.5ppm for a 10% change in load impedance
See temperature tables on ordering page

B, B1, D, D1
B2, D2, E
B, B1, D, D1
B2, D2, E
B, B1, B2, D, D1, D2, E

Customised Oscillators
These types of customised oscillators represent only our most popular units from a much wider range. As with all frequency control products the majority of users require unique specifications for many of their products. Hy-Q specialise in custom designs and hence any criteria which is not met from our standard range can usually be incorporated into a custom design. Whatever the requirement, even if it seems well outside the range of the standard products on offer, our technical staff are always available to discuss your application and decide upon the device specifications that best suit your needs.

General Note
Ageing: Ageing specifications are based on experience of our previously manufactured devices and are not explicitly guaranteed.

Additional Notes
When deciding upon package styles for oscillators, especially high frequency types, it is very important to consider harmonic content requirements. The size of the package dictates the type and number of poles of the filter which can be internally added to the oscillator output circuit. As package size increases, additional filtering can be added, and hence, improved harmonic suppression is achieved. Harmonic suppression is on of the factors most often overlooked by designers when specifying oscillator performance. It is also wise to consider the range of frequency pulling required when specifying a VCXO or TCXO.

Designers should pay attention to the following activities to achieve best overall oscillator performance when in use:

1. Very low noise power supplies must be used for all supply lines.
2. All power supply returns must be connected directly to the oscillator ground point.
3. All tracks and leads must me kept as short as possible.
4. The oscillators output must be correctly and accurately terminated.
5. Appropriate decoupling capacitors must be added between the supply and ground.

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