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Clock / DIL Oscillator Easy Ordering Guide
for the QXO oscillator series

Ordering QXO series oscillators from Hy-Q International Australia could not be easier because all the information is included on this page.

Download all ordering and specification details in PDF

Download all ordering and specification details for the QXO series in a single PDF.

To place an order or to receive a quotation, simply contact our sales office with the following information and nominal frequency required;

Please use these headings to identify the specific parameters of the oscillator(s) required.

Package Style Frequency Stability Supply Voltage,
Pin #1 option
Symmetry Frequency
14 C A A 20.000
Example: 14CAA-20.000 represents: DIP-14 Oscillator, 100ppm, 5 volt with no connection on Pin number 1, Symmetry of 40/60%, 20.000MHz
Half Size

Full Size
0C to +70C
A: 25ppm
B: 50ppm
C: 100ppm
D: 10ppm

-40C to +85C
E: 25ppm
F: 50ppm
G: 100ppm
H: 10ppm

X: Customer

A: 5v,
not connected

B: 5v,

C: 3.3v,
not connected

D: 3.3v,

A: 50% 10%
Max at 0.5 Vdd

B: 50% 5%
Max at 0.5 Vdd

Customer Specified:

32 kHz ~
175 MHz

Download all ordering and specification details in PDF Please download our data sheet for more detailed specifications.

To place an order using the above information, or for any enquiry, please contact our sales office.

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